A Look at Tracks Pricing.

Standard Annual License

Tracks is a subscription-based software package, renewed annually. The license fee is based on the number of full time employee (FTE) equivalents , which includes all staff at the institution. The license fee assumes that each institution is responsible for their own data storage needs, whether hosted locally or on the Internet using one of the cloud hosting services available.

If your facility has a unique structure, such as multiple locations, we are happy to discuss a license price that represents your organization.

The yearly license fee includes the following:

  • Unlimited user accounts for a single server – the more users at your facility, the better!
  • All program modules and features currently available.
  • All program enhancements and updates released during the year.
  • A contract for basic support hours, including help desk, technical support and reporting requests.
  • Additional support can be purchased in 10 hour increments ($1,250.00).
  • A yearly review with a member of the Tracks team, to find more ways you can make the most of the software's features.
  • Complete access to comprehensive online “Help,” training videos and discussion forums.
  • Invitations to the annual User Conference, for additional user training.

License Fee by Institution Size

Institution Size Cost per year Support included
75 or more FTE equivalents $18,250 20 hours
Fewer than 75 FTE equivalents $10,500 20 hours
Fewer than 30 FTE equivalents $6,000 10 hours
Fewer than 15 FTE equivalents $3,000 10 hours
  • 75 or more FTE equivalents: $18,250 per year
  • 20 Hours of Support Included
  • Fewer than 75 FTE equivalents: $10,500 per year
  • 20 Hours of Support Included
  • Fewer than 30 FTE equivalents: $6,000 per year
  • 10 Hours of Support Included
  • Fewer than 15 FTE equivalents: $3,000 per year
  • 10 Hours of Support Included

Custom Per-Module Pricing

Custom pricing is available to license Tracks components on a per-module basis for institutions that do not use Tracks to manage their inventory records, but would still like to take advantage of innovation features available only in Tracks.

Additional Costs

  • One-time implementation and data conversion costs for new clients: $125 per hour.
  • This includes everything to get your zoo or aquarium up and running with Tracks, such as current data import, set up, and installation. The average new installation runs about $2,500. Of course, particular needs vary by each institution. We will provide you with an estimate specific to your situation.
  • On-site training for your users: $1,000 per day plus travel expenses.
  • While optional, on-site training is highly recommended for new institutions. Most institutions choose one or two days of on-site staff training.
  • Custom programming: $125 per hour.
  • This is for critical custom features your institution needs that are not currently available in Tracks. Discuss your needs with a developer and we'll provide an estimate when customization is necessary.