Innovation for today, innovation for excellence

Tracks® Software was developed to help aquariums and zoos fulfill their missions of education, conservation and animal care.
Requests and input from aquarists inspired the effective animal group management and water quality tools available in Tracks® Software.
Tracks® provides medical staff with comprehensive and integrated medical modules, helping aquariums and zoos meet their goals of excellence in animal care.
Tracks® is an innovative and comprehensive animal collection management software designed to the current and future needs of the aquarium and zoo community.
Husbandry features in Tracks® integrate animal care records into a central location. Staff has easy access to an animal's information, which improves efficiency, increases the accuracy of collected data, and provides a comprehensive picture of each member of the animal collection.
Complete laboratory tools in Tracks® Software help lab staff effectively and efficiently do their jobs.
Comprehensive medical and prescription features in Tracks® Software help institutions fulfill their missions of excellence in animal care.
Diet planning and feeding components in Tracks® help aquariums and zoos provide the best in animal nutrition.
Water quality testing tools in Tracks® support routine testing and conform to an institution's needs and work flow.
All animal and enclosure data has a place in Tracks®, including husbandry, medical, diet, lab and water quality records. Comprehensive reporting and search features keep data accessible.
Tracks® Software is a model for how aquariums and zoos can use technology to care for the animals in their collections and meet the growing demands on the industry.

Innovation for today, innovation for excellence

Meeting the complex  data management needs of aquariums and zoos was the driving force behind the Tracks® Software project .  Now, with fifteen years of development in the program, that’s still the reason a growing number of institutions use this powerful application to help them be their best at what matters most  – excellence in animal care.

Tracks® Software is the obvious choice for many aquariums and zoos.  No other application can match the comprehensive features available to aquarium and zoo staff when they need them most:  right now.   

Industry professionals have guided the program’s development, resulting in an application designed for its users and their daily processes – not the other way around.  Tracks® Software helps institutions provide the best in animal care, as well as make the most of staff resources.  Institutions have been collecting inventory data for years.  Tracks®  helps put that information to work by providing tools for quick access and analysis of data – knowledge to use now, as well as for the future.

This powerful tool is now available to zoos and aquariums through the purchase of an annual license.




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Tracks® Software is a joint project between the Denver Zoological Foundation, the National Aquarium in Baltimore and Zier Niemann Consulting, based in Salida, Colorado.

Tracks Calendar

Tracks User Experience Conference 2015 in Fort Worth, Texas

Monday, February 23, 2015 to Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Regional Aquatics Workshop Conference 2015 in Monterey, California

Monday, March 2, 2015 to Friday, March 6, 2015

News from Tracks Software

New Support Web Site

Tue, 06 Jan 2015

Visit the brand new Tracks Software Community web site at! Now our growing network of zoos and aquariums has streamlined access to user support. The support site is separate from the marketing web site now, which makes it easier for users to find just what they need to make the most of Tracks. Returning account holders will find their old log-ins valid, and if you’ve never made an account, this is a great time to do so! The support site offers discussion forums, instructional videos, Tracks “Help” and you can also submit and monitor tickets for program requests. Check it out!

Wild Observation Animals

Tue, 25 Nov 2014

An updated video New Animal Wizard – Rescued and Obtained from Wild is a must-watch for those zoos and aquariums collecting data for animals observed in the wild. Tracks addresses the challenge of collecting and tracking data for animals that will remain in the wild by offering a “Wild Observation” acquisition event in the New Animal Wizard. This allows you to accession animals in the wild and collect data, without impacting inventory data from the animals in your collection.

In addition, there are three more updated videos of interest to users who are responsible for adding new animals to the database: New Animal Wizard Introduction, New Animal Wizard Batch Features, and New Egg Wizard.

Tracks UX 2015 in Fort Worth, Texas

Mon, 10 Nov 2014

Registration is NOW OPEN  for the 2015 Tracks Software user conference. Fort Worth Zoo is hosting us February 23 & 24.

All kinds of Tracks users are welcome...registrars, medical and lab staff, curators; you name it. We also extend the invitation to non-clients, because the user conference is a great opportunity to investigate the program further.

Learn how to make the most of Tracks at your zoo or aquarium! Space is limited! Get all the details and register too!