Animal Enrichment

Plan, create, track and analyze animal enrichment data.

Animal Health

Comprehensive and time-saving medical features support great care.

Animal Husbandry

Inventory features support accurate and accessible animal data.

Animal Inventory

Manage animal records accurately and efficiently.

Animal Training

Whether simple or complicated, Tracks helps you manage vital training data.

Animal Welfare

Features for quantifiable animal well-being.

Collection Planning

Find tools for guiding your aquarium or zoo's collection.

Diet Planning

Comprehensive and integrated diet, nutrition and feeding features.

Education Programs

Manage your ambassador animals and education programs.

Egg Log

Manage eggs individually or in batch.

Enclosure Management

Enclosure information is part of the big picture.

Group Populations

Groups come with unique data tracking needs.

Improved Workflows

Make good use of resources with efficient work processes.

Institution Customization

When we say ‘user-driven design,’ we mean it.

Lab Tests

From request to result, lab data can travel across an organization within Tracks.

Media Attachments

Attach files to your records – paperclips not included.

Permit Tracking

Permits should fit into your collection database seamlessly.


It’s sort of like hiring a personal assistant. For each staff member.

Pocket Tracks

Animals don’t schedule desk-side meetings.

Prescription Management

Prescription features support your medical team.


Nimble reporting for a wide variety of uses.

Rescue and Research

Support for your critical rescue, rehabilitation, and research efforts.

Tracks API

The data you record is an awesome guest engagement tool.

Water Quality

Tracks is packed with features to support great Water Quality.