Keeping up with Enrichment and Behavior Programs

lion3.jpgFolks were checking their Blackberry devices during our first Enrichment development meetings...way back when. Things have changed at aquariums and zoos since those days, and we are happy to be addressing some needed updates in Enrichment and also Training. It was brought to our attention that many facilities needed more flexibility and accessibility when adding new enrichment and training elements to allow a variety of users to participate in the development of program components. With the last two software releases, we’ve started to make changes so that our features better support the ways aquariums and zoos use input from animal care staff these days. The new features can reflect the various levels of responsibilities in programs… ranging from those who create new enrichment and training elements, to those who oversee them for safety, to those who monitor programs overall for effectiveness. We are super excited to roll out the changes in support of the people and the processes that help aquariums and zoos keep animal residents happy and healthy!