Tracks Guest Engagement

If you visit the fabulous California Science Center in Los Angeles, you’ll not only get a chance to see the space shuttle Endeavour, but when you wander through the animal exhibits, you’ll catch Guest Engagement features from Tracks Software in use on digital touch screen displays. The educational information visitors see had its beginning as husbandry records entered into Tracks, and is being routed for use in public displays. CSC staff acknowledges that it’s a new way of thinking for sure, but they are excited about the project and all the possibilities for reaching visitors with engaging, real-time information about the animals they see, as well as the potential to save staff time and efficiently handle exhibit signage. It’s a brave new world, putting data to work like this…maybe it’s not space travel, but we’re big fans of helping zoos and aquariums explore new ways to use the information they collect. We couldn’t be more proud to watch a great idea become reality at CSC. So…what do you need your data to do for you?